Training - The Key to Successful Implementations

Our customized training gets results fast--even for the most novice or uncertain teachers and administrators

Get off to a Fast Start

Every client installation of Eduvision has unique goals and expectations. All are using the power of video to implement new teaching approaches, offer distance or blended learning, provide video-based professional development for teachers, or live streaming to share live events with the community.

Whatever your goals, the Eduvision team helps to create an implementation plan and training to ensure a successful incorporation of video into teaching and learning. Training is a key element of success, and our training is always customized to meet the specific goals of the implementation.

JDL Horizons team presenting Flipped Media Essentials to teachers

Core Training Course Highlights

Eduvision Overview

Explore the features and capabilities of the Eduvision video portal service including tiered administration, associated documents, and live streaming.

We’ll upload content, explore channel creation and administration, create and conduct a live stream and look at how you can embed your videos and portal into websites, email and learning management systems such as Moodle.

Flipped Media Essentials

Flipped Media Essentials introduces the tools and methodologies used by today’s teachers to flip their classrooms. Attendees will gain hands-on experience with several applications that enable gathering, manipulation and creation of high-quality video and still Images to create rich-media assets that teach and communicate.

This course provides the comfort-level, workflow and experience required for participants to work with cutting-edge tools used to create both flipped lessons & flipped PD. This one-day essential course is for beginners but provides information, tips and hands-on experience that even seasoned video creators will benefit from!

Video Production Boot Camp

Video Fundamentals I

Designed by industry professionals with decades of experience working in television and film in front of and behind the camera, this course introduces attendees to the equipment, tools, tricks, and best practices used by the largest network and production companies in the world. From camera components, lighting, sound equipment and shot composition, attendees will work hands-on with experienced videographers as they gain the skills that will communicate with compelling video assets.

Whether you’ve been producing videos for years or have never touched a camera before, you’re guaranteed to learn new skills in this session!

Video Fundamentals II

Designed for attendees with some experience with creating video, this course will leverage the equipment you already use and are comfortable with to optimize what you are doing and how you are doing it to achieve an improved result.

Due to the nature of this material, we customize this course to meet your specific needs; whether you want Intermediate, Advanced or Master level instruction.

JDL Horizons leading video production training course with teachers and administrators

Post Production I

Learn the use of video editing software that allows you to record your desktop, create rich media presentations and lessons, and create engaging video assets that communicate, teach, and engage. This hands-on class is mostly lab-based and will take you through the creation, editing and sharing of video projects.

Post Production II

Take your videos to the next level in this advanced hands-on course that will discuss how to use layers, callouts, zooming and animation effects to illustrate your message in a more compelling and engaging manner. We will also introduce other tools that can be used in conjunction with your computer to create interesting effects for your videos.

Making the Most of It

This multi-phased approach first focuses on an in-depth investigation of the equipment already owned by the client, followed by recommendations on how to supplement that equipment and training for staff on its best use. Our specialist courses are customized to meet your needs.

We focus in on what you want and need to help you make polished video using the equipment and facilities that you already have available to you.