Student Safety is Paramount

Protect students from inappropriate internet content and dangerous predators
Student using Eduvision for math class


Imagine the impact to a child whose likeness and information were found by a predator viewing their video homework.

Imagine the impact to a school sued by parents of such a child.  The impact is financial, certainly, but more than that, the impact to the school’s credibility could harm the school’s reputation and enrollment for years to come.

New Laws are Being Enacted to Protect Children

Because of the high potential for harm to children, new laws are being enacted to enhance protection for students in schools.

Lawsuits are Being Served

Costly lawsuits are rising but can be avoided with simple, prudent and secure management of student information and work through SMS systems and Eduvision for videos.  It’s simple and very cost-effective.

Eduvision provides a safe, secure way to manage videos and student safety
Free alternatives to Eduvision compromise safety, security, reusability and ease of use


Many schools are attempting to cut costs by placing both curriculum and video homework videos on open source platforms.  While this may seem like  a harmless and easy way to cut costs, the reality is far different.

Risks of Using Public Video Platforms

YouTube and other public platforms are amazing and wonderful resources for all of us.  However, when used for schools to host curriculum and student homework videos, the risks are very real:

Children’s identities can be found by unscrupulous predators and they can be stalked and mistreated as a result

It’s just not worth the risk of even one student being compromised

Are Your Students Safe?

Eduvision provides a unique combination of safety combined with using the power of video to transform education.
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