Professional Development

Drives Success in the Classroom
Eduvision enables teachers to do professional development 7x24



Teachers are Extremely Busy

They work all day and go home and work more—creating lesson plans, homework assignments, video assets, grading papers… You name it. And now that many are accessible to students for questions online, they’re connecting with students literally 7×24.

Things are Changing Fast

Educational approaches and technologies are changing quickly and teachers need to learn new skills and tools to ensure quality learning outcomes.

Live PD is Often Not an Option

Mostly gone are the days when schools could offer live teacher training. Whether the issue is budget or lack of time, live training is generally another casualty of just the way things are.

Video Offers PD Anytime, Anywhere

Just as video enables students to learn anytime, anywhere, teachers can do the same. Busy teachers can catch up on their learning over coffee, a quick lunch break, evenings, weekends or whenever they have a few moments. And just like their students, they can view the material as many times as they like until they feel they have mastered the learning.

Learning On the Go

Since Eduvision provides the ability to view video on any platform, teachers can use whatever they have – a smart phone, tablet or laptop. It is now easy and affordable to keep up with the latest, whether it’s new curriculum, new technology, new school policies or even a live school event they missed.

Eduvision offers teacher professional development anytime, anywhere