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Flipping your classroom can increase engagement and learning outcomes. Our solutions and training in best practices and tools will help you be successful
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Flipped Learning for the Enterprise

When many schools begin to use video to flip classrooms, they look for free ways to make their videos available.

While this can be a good way to experiment and get started, schools quickly learn that when more and more teachers are creating these valuable assets, they are not easily found, are not secure and virtually impossible to use on an enterprise scale.

Some schools try to solve the problem by spending valuable teacher time trying to manually manage these assets for the enterprise, usually without success.

There is good news:  Eduvision provides a simple, cost-effective, secure way to manage video assets across the enterprise, and keep teachers focused on teaching.

Teacher flipped his classroom with Eduvision
Teacher in an Eduvision Flipped Media Essentials Workshop

Curriculum Available Anytime, Anywhere

Video enables 7×24 access to your curriculum. Your viewers can access your content whenever it’s convenient for them, on whatever device they choose to use. It’s powerful. It’s simple. Learning on the go.

Video as Homework

Students love to innovate, and show true creativity when given the opportunity to show what they have learned using the power of video.

No more boring homework assignments. Students have shown tremendous drive and creativity when creating video homework.

Students using and iPad, Relay and Eduvision
Teachers and students in Eduvision's Flipped Media Essentials Training

Shared Curriculum–Create Once, Use Over & Over

Many schools are finding the power in create once, use many times. One teacher, or often a collaboration of teachers, creates curriculum videos to be shared across schools, districts and even states. Many of these videos are done with teachers from multiple disciples to create a cross-discipline learning opportunity.

Blended Learning

Schools are finding that providing students with flexibility of schedule and learning styles is improving learning outcomes and also helping students to get an education while accommodating their diverse scheduling conflicts.

Eduvision enables blended learning
Eduvision enables closed captioning of your videos

Close Caption Capability

Close captioning enables a diversity of viewers to watch your video content. Whether your viewers are hearing impaired, learning the language or just prefer having the ability to read the content, close captioning is a valuable asset to your viewers. Eduvision also offers closed captioning for all your live streaming events.