Optimize reusability and sharability of content--syndicate to other schools, districts, even states
Eduvision enables one click syndication of content to other schools, districts, states

Syndication is about teachers and schools working together to build and share curriculum and other video assets that support student-focused education.

Thousands of teachers and schools are realizing true benefits through using the power of Eduvision to share these valuable assets among teachers, schools, districts, and even states.

Syndicate Single Videos or Channels

It’s so simple to syndicate, whether to specific schools in your district or schools across your organization.   You can syndicate specific individual videos as well as entire channels.

For example, many schools are setting up channels like 5thgrade Math, and sharing the entire channel’s content across their organization.  This creates an instant source of curriculum content that other teachers can use for flipped or traditional classrooms.

Eduvision optimizes curriculum and other video asset reuse through simple syndication to other schools, districts...