Secure Content Management

We know that the security of your video assets is crucial, so we provide a safe and secure way to manage your video content
Eduvision provides safe, secure content management, helping schools to meet growing privacy law requirements

Trusted Content Managers

Our multi-level security lets you choose trusted administrators with specific levels of authorization to manage your content.

You never need to worry that unauthorized people are adding or changing content in your video portfolio.

Site Management

You can choose a very select set of people who can manage your Eduvision video library management system.  Site administrators can set up the features and functions on your site, as well as customized appearance.  In addition, site administrators can create and manage other levels of users to ensure that only certain people can be entrusted to manage video content.

Easy Access, Full Security

You can assign site managers, channel managers, live event managers and contributors.  Security is designed to enable the appropriate level of approval to ensure the safety and security of your video asset portfolio.

For example, this enables students to upload their homework assignments without worry.  Teachers can manage their own channels.  Administrators and teachers can manage their live events.  All with complete safety and security.

Eduvision allows for levels of administrative security levels to ensure your video assets are always safe and there is never unapproved content

Video Security

You can secure each of your videos in a number of ways:

  • No additional security – anyone with access to the portal can view the video
  • Add password protection – only people with the password can view it
  • Make the video private – now only people with the link to the video can view it
  • Add registration – you can even require that viewers register to watch your video
  • Make it available only from a certain date/time to another date/time

As you can see, you have full control over who can view your videos