Broadcast your live event

Imagine live streaming events, announcements, classes... with NO additional infrastructure required
Eduvision enables live streaming of events, meetings, communications... without infrastructure upgrades

Whether you’re broadcasting live classes, school events, school board meetings, plays or athletic events, you can broadcast with ease and total confidence with Eduvision.

And with Eduvision’s revolutionary cost-saving technology, schools can avoid upgrades to bandwidth normally required to support live event streaming.

Live and On Demand

Viewers can watch an event live, or choose their own time and place to view it later.  A student missing a live broadcast of a class can now watch it when it’s convenient.  A busy parent that wants to watch a live broadcast of a school event can now do so when they have the time.

Schools are using live broadcasts of school board meetings, school announcements, and special events to enhance community relationships and build stronger bonds with parents and the community. JDL has helped schools and students produce over 2,000 live events.

Students watching a live stream event from Eduvision
Eduvision live stream infrastructure description

Easy on the Bandwidth

Eduvision’s innovative technology enables schools to produce live broadcasts without the usual impact on bandwidth for local viewers.  Using simulated multi-cast, schools can avoid costly bandwidth upgrades to support live broadcasting. This is done without any additional network hardware or configuration. It requires no IT Department intervention and significantly reduces demand on both network and internet resources.

Live in a Few Clicks

Eduvision’s live broadcasts are so easy they can be set up with just a few clicks.  Event managers can set up and pre-test events to ensure everything is working well before the event.