Content Management Made Easy, Sharable--and Fast

Teachers can stay focused on teaching and content can be syndicated to other teachers, schools, districts, even states

Easy to Manage, Easy to Share

Manage your Eduvision portal and all of your video content with one simple Eduvision dashboard.

Everything you need to manage every feature and option, users, site branding, video management, live streaming management and more – is all available in one easy to use command center.

And content is reusable–teachers syndicate content with other teachers, other schools, throughout the district, and even across the state.

Content Management

Upload and manage your videos, create channels, manage users, manage privacy and syndicate across school districts all within our easy to use online dashboard.  It has never been easier to manage your important curriculum and school video assets throughout your school, district or organization.

Eduvision content administration is simple and quick

Site Management

You can customize the look and features of your site with a few simple clicks.  Choose how your videos are displayed, enable or disable functions such as comments, number of views, video ratings and more.

Your Eduvision video portal can even be embedded onto your school site and customized to match your school brand.


Organize your videos for easy access.  You can set up any type of channel you wish, whether by topic, sub-topic, teacher, event…  It’s completely up to you and can be managed through our simple to use dashboard.


The safety and security of your video assets is crucial, and Eduvision provides the ability to manage everything from site administration to contributors.  This provides flexibility and control, and enables schools and teachers the power to effectively manage these important assets.

Video Management

Upload and encode your videos to one of your custom channels with just a few clicks.  Add a title, description, and other keywords like teacher name, class, homework assignment, etc. and make it easy for students to find the lessons they need.   You can also upload up to five associated files, which can be anything, such as homework files, videos, documents, or whatever helps the learning process.

Create thumbnails, assign attributes like privacy and pricing, and grab links and embed codes for easy video access and distribution.

Eduvision offers simple, complete video management of metadata, access to embed codes, etc


Share content across schools, districts and organizations with simplicity and controlled access.  Syndication allows you to instantly share individual videos or channels across multiple accounts.  Many schools are using syndication to save valuable teacher time and maximize the value of their curriculum assets.