Enhanced Teaching and Learning

New strategies such as flipped, blended and project-based learning use video to enable anytime, anywhere learning


Educators are finding inventive new ways to create learning environments that engage students, enhance learning outcomes and accommodate busy and non-traditional schedules.

Video is key to enabling these new approaches, and Eduvision enables schools to create curriculum once and share it across teachers, schools, districts and even states.

Now students can access curriculum anytime, anywhere and on any device.

 See How Flipped Classrooms
Make a Difference

Schools are Finding Solutions

Many schools are finding that they need to provide alternatives to the traditional classroom, class day and school year. The key, of course, is online materials, homework assignments and the ability to interact with teachers and receive grades and meaningful feedback.

Video Engages Students and Enhances Learning

Students appreciate learning from video presentations from their instructor. It helps them to understand the instructor in ways that no written materials can. 80% of communication is body language, so video interaction is second only to face-to-face communication for effectiveness. Students learn more and are better prepared to interact with the instructor either online or live.