Community Relations

Broadcasting live events enhanced community relationships and participation in education


Schools are finding that broadcasting live events is a great way to provide parents, teachers, students and the community with an opportunity to view events either live or when it is convenient for them to do so.

A live event can be anything from student productions to live classes, presentations, or community outreach events such as school board meetings, announcements, policy changes, or any other communications that can enhance relationships with parents and the community.

Eduvision broadcasting helps build community relationships
Eduvision enables live streaming of school sporting and other events


Busy parents are finding it convenient to keep up with school events, re-watch a play their child participated in, watch a softball game they missed while out of town, etc.

Educators are finding that video is a great way to engage the community, enlist the participation of parents with their children’s education, and create a video library of community communications.