Blended Learning

Schools are using Eduvision to provide Learning on the Go

Anywhere Anytime Learning

Eduvision enables students to learn on their own schedule. Wherever they are. Whatever device they are using.

Non-Traditional Learning Schedules

Students today need flexibility in how and when they learn. Many have jobs, others are doing apprenticeships, still others have health or family restrictions that require the ability to learn from home. Some just learn better on their own in the evening and like to come prepared for class. The list is endless.

Eduvision enables blended learning on the go
Eduvision helps students use video to increase engagement and learning outcomes

Schools are Finding Solutions

Many schools are finding that they need to provide alternatives to the traditional classroom, class day and school year. The key, of course, is online materials, homework assignments and the ability to interact with teachers and receive grades and meaningful feedback.

Video Engages Students and Enhances Learning

Students appreciate learning from video presentations from their instructor. It helps them to understand the instructor in ways that no written materials can. 80% of communication is body language, so video interaction is second only to face-to-face communication for effectiveness. Students learn more and are better prepared to interact with the instructor either online or live.

LMS Integration Enables Learning

Teachers and students alike appreciate the simplicity of having video assets integrated into the learning management systems they use everyday. Teachers can provide video presentations of material, homework assignments and accept video as homework from the students.

Eduvision does the video asset management behind the scenes, so there is never any doubt that they are safe and secure and can easily be found when needed.

Curriculum Sharing

Many districts and even states are working on creating a collection of curriculum video assets that can be shared across the enterprise. This can effectively “scale your teachers”–save a great deal of time and provide teachers with the base learning asset they can use and then build on with their own teaching, homework and materials.

Create once. Use again and again.

Eduvision integrates into your SMS or LMS systems like Moodle